Environmental Management

S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd will seek to support and comply with environmental, social and all other legislation, and to engage regularly and transparently with all of our stakeholders. Our goal is to go beyond compliance with statutory requirements; once S and J Mining Consortium (Pty) Ltd is in production

While we acknowledge that coal and chrome processing activities has an environmental impact, we will seek to mitigate this impact and ensure we leave an enduring, positive social and economic legacy, particularly for those communities surrounding our operations

Where there is a requirement for an Environmental Authorization related to the processing of coal and chrome, S and J Mining Consortium (Pty) Ltd will apply and/or applied for the necessary authority to be granted, prior to the commencement of it’s processing activities

We further engage in a proactive approach towards environmental management whereby prior to the commencement of any mining activity all environmental impacts are identified and environmental management plans (“EMP”) developed.


Our environmental management include:

• Forest management – conservation, clearing, dieback control, weeds and feral animal control,
* Rehabilitation;

• Water management – abstraction, utilisation and discharge;

• Final void water body management;

• Energy and Greenhouse;

• Waste;

• Blasting and general mine noise;

• Dust; and

• Community involvement, consultation and communications

S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd places great emphasis on leaving disturbed mining and processing areas in a sound environmental condition, designed to be compatible with existing landscapes and vegetation and, where possible, applies the principle of value-added rehabilitation