Socio Economic Development

S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd will strive to implement socio economic development programmes for lasting change within disadvantaged communities close to our operations.  Our objective is the creation of jobs and improving the quality of life within communities.

Our Social and Labour Plan will focus on communities close to our mining operations, implementing policy to actively recruit labour from local communities wherever possible. ¬†Recruiting of mining personnel is underway with every effort being made to ensure that the majority of required core skills for the mining operation are sourced from the local community.

We further acknowledge the fact that there will be positive and negative social and environmental impacts on the hosting communities as a result of mining in their vicinity. The Social and Labour Plans which stipulates how the surrounding communities’ livelihood will be uplifted and improved has been developed and will be implemented.¬†
We also recognize the importance of community consultation, and pride ourselves to be transparent in all interactions and collaborations with interested and affected parties, shareholders, regulatory authorities and communities. 

Our Key Focus within our Social and Labour Plan include:

  • Skills development and capacity building
  • Formal Education
  • Granting of Bursaries (Promotion of scarce skills / further education and training - women in mining)
  • SMME development & Training Interventions
  • Health & welfare