Our Approach

S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd aims to create long-term value for the broadest group of stakeholders.
Sustainability for S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd implies the sustainability of the business as a whole, with particular emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues. The company will strive to ensure that its operations have a minimal adverse impact on the surrounding environment and communities, and that the social and economic developments foster an enduring legacy for all stakeholders.

By engaging with all key communities and identified stakeholders, and strictly adhering to legislation, S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd  will seek to establish crucial social relationships to promote the constructive and expeditious resolution of environmental and community concerns as they may pertain to the Company’s mining and commodity processing projects.

The Company will expend significant effort in developing and implementing an extensive and comprehensive safety environment at all of its workplaces.

Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading South African Junior Mining companies in the mining, processing and supply of coal and chrome.

Our mission is to create a sustainable businesses through the acquisition and development of our mining and product processing projects, maximizing returns through optimization and growth.  Our mission is realized through excellence in management style, strong joint venture partnerships, and world class mining and manufacturing standards.

OUR VALUES: Our values are the foundation on which the company was established and continues to operate, being

  • Integrity, transparency and respect
  • Maintaining a high standard in health, safety and environmental compliance
  • Growing shareholder value
  • Responsible Mining, development and management of our projects
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous Improvement

OUR AIM is to achieve excellence as a junior coal and chrome mining company in South Africa, producing a diversified product range of export and domestic products through: 

  • Continued development of our mining assets
  • The establishment and commencement of our Panfontein Coal Mining Project
  • Further development of our Chrome Project in Rustenburg
  • Identifying and acquiring additional assets in South Africa.

We will achieve our aim by providing

  • fair industry related prices
  • uncompromised product quality
  • In specification product
  • excellent, on time service
  • continued increased capacity