Our Target will be ZERO Injuries


Commitment to health & safety (SHE) forms and integral part of our business and a critical pillar of our success in achieving sustainable development. S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd’s aim is to achieve SHE through application of management protocols, programmes and systems. Worker health and safety committees will therefore be present, including placement of Health and Safety representatives at all operations supporting our drive towards zero harm.

Key areas of focus will constitute:-

• Employees to be provided with appropriate training and protective equipment to prevent injuries and health risks
• Implementation of a HIV/ AIDS, comprehensive AIDS awareness programme by means of workforce education
   and training, voluntary HIV counseling and testing
• Staffing High risk areas with additional safety practitioners / representatives
• Retraining safety representatives
• Coaching and enforcement of using hazard identification and risk assessments before every task
• Enforcement of pre-shift Yellow Machine & Truck Safety Assessment's
• Vehicle and Operator Safety
• Employee Induction & Medicals before starting work
• Induction Programme
• Implementation of a Structured Safety Programme
• Red Card Issuing upon non-compliance (Discipline & Dismissal)
• Corporate contractor management standards wil be in place and adherence is enforced by each operator's
   contractor management.

Training in health and safety skills development includes:

• Training personnel in Basic Workplace First Aid, and maintaining the skills of Occupational First Aiders
   Our emergency response equipment and systems are routinely checked and tested

• Maintaining an emergency response team of volunteers drawn from the various areas of the operations.
   Training is focused on dealing with serious incidents involving first aid for injuries and medical emergencies
    fire fighting, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle accidents and search and rescue situations. 

• Providing accredited training to our elected Safety and Health Representatives. Their delivery of safety and health
   information is aided through presentation skills training to improve employee involvement and behaviours in safety