Sustainable Development

Sustainability for S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd implies the sustainability of the business as a whole, with particular emphasis on environmental, social and governance issues
An Environmental Management and Safety division will be formed to ensure that S&J Mining and Consortium (Pty) Ltd has a sustainable development platform with a clear programme, focusing on implementing an extensive and conprehensive safety environment at all our workplaces.

Focus of the Environmental Management and Safety division will be given to priorities raised in the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development programmes in organizations including the:-

  • The role of mining within communities
  • Ways to ensure that infrastructure expenditures to raise the levels of fixed investment increase efficiencies
  • The Role of Ethics in business
  • Constraints on raising fiscal expenditures caused by capacity limitations
  • Environmental Care
  • Social Responsibility
  • Operating & Participating within the legal framework & processes
  • The selection of socio economic strategies that have maximum growth and job creation
  • The selection, funding and management of interventions that expand employment, create assets, build the skills base

In finding the balance between economic interest, social and environmental concerns S&J Mining and Consortium will implement specific interventions and developmental projects guided by the social needs of the community and by the national priorities of society at large including:-

  • Education, training and skills development focusing on the development of scarce skills
  • Healthcare promotion, particularly HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Job creation, SMME (Small, medium and micro enterprises) and other business opportunity development
  • Conservation of the environment, including awareness programmes & Infrastructure development